Global population ageing is happening at a historically unprecedented rate, with most of the world’s older people living in Low and Middle-Income Countries (LMIC). 

The Middle East and North Africa region have a unique experience of ageing when compared to experiences previously observed in Europe and other developed countries. First, the region experiences both population growth, with large cohorts of young people, simultaneously with population ageing. Second, due to the large population size and previous trends of high fertility rates, the rate of ageing is much larger in volume and speed than other European countries. 

Understanding and responding to opportunities and challenges associated with population ageing, while considerably important, is often neglected due to other pressures on the region, including poverty and youth unemployment. The implications of population ageing are vast and diverse; they concern all segments of society and not only older people. However, there is a shortage of detailed research studies to allow the design and implementation of effective policy and practice interventions. 

The MENARAH network aims to build capacity and connect national, regional and international stakeholders to enable an effective response to population ageing in the region. Connecting researchers, policymakers, older people and their informal carers, educators and practitioners as well as awareness the public. We aim to facilitate further constructive dialogues to establish multi-sectorial research and engagement activities with a tangible impact on the lives of older people and their families.